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Repairing your car

Modern vehicles are built using the latest materials and technology. Repairing them correctly needs just the same care and attention to detail as they received in the factory. This bodyshop has invested heavily in training and technology to make sure we can repair your vehicle correctly, safely and quickly.

After a careful assessment by our engineers, all damaged panels are removed where necessary. The alignment of the body is checked and corrected if needed.
New panels are fixed in place using the manufacturer's specified methods - bolting, welding or high strength adhesives. This is vital to ensure the vehicle retains full safety protection should it ever be involved in another accident.

The vehicle is then resprayed in a filtered, low dust spray booth using only waterborne and reduced solvent paints.
These materials help the environment, and meet all British and European legislation.

This bodyshop is able to match the colour of your vehicle exactly. All rust proofing and corrosion protection measures are restored by the bodyshop before delivery, to make sure the vehicle keeps its good looks and future resale value.